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AMS Support

We help our customers to efficiently manage their SAP solutions.

Escotta Consulting offers a comprehensive SAP AMS (Application Management Services) Support service, aimed at helping our clients efficiently manage their SAP solutions.

We have a highly qualified team and advanced tools, in order to guarantee agile and customized support to meet the specific needs of each client.

Contract Model

The SAP AMS Support service is based on a flexible contract model, which adapts to the customers’ needs.

Based on contracted hours, we establish a monthly baseline, which represents the amount of hours expected to be consumed during the month.

The contract can be adjusted according to the consumption of hours, ensuring that the client does not overspend or accumulate unused hours.

Time Management

The management of hours is performed strategically, considering the additional use of contract hours and the factoring of monthly surpluses, always seeking to maintain the consumption of hours within the established baseline.

Timetables and consumption factors

Escotta Consulting works with different schedules and consumption factors, depending on the urgency and period of the requested service.

Consumption varies between business hours, emergency calls, night time, weekends, and holidays. These consumption factors are applied to ensure efficient and appropriate service to the customer’s needs.

On-demand service and availability

We offer two forms of attendance at additional times: on demand and with availability.

In on-demand service, the team is subject to availability, and in on-call service, the consultant waits for the call, with a consumption of 0.33 hours per available hour.

Operational Tools

Escotta Consulting uses several tools to manage and monitor the SAP AMS Support service, including Wrike, Power BI, and Fresh Desk.

These tools enable efficient project management, as well as data analysis and ticket opening and tracking.

Highly qualified staff

With a highly qualified team of experienced and skilled professionals, and advanced tools, we are ready to provide exceptional quality service that contributes significantly to the success of our customers’ businesses.

Success Story

Masisa - Cliente da Escotta

Masisa, a wood industry company in Chile, is an example of a customer satisfied with our SAP AMS Support service.

We serve Masisa in several countries, such as Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, and Brazil, using our tools and methodologies to guarantee an agile and efficient service.

Escotta Consulting is a trusted partner for SAP AMS Support, offering customized and efficient solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

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