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We can define outsourcing as the outsourcing of services in a company. For SAP projects, this process can be used strategically so that more positive results can be obtained.

Specialized Team

When outsourcing services involving ERP in your company, a specialized team will be responsible for the management, control and maintenance of specific activities involving the SAP system.

Best cost/benefit

Your team won’t need to have specialists in all IT areas, which makes costs optimized. It is not necessary to have professionals who do not have recurring demand in your business, so you can save money.

Outsourcing for SAP Projects

With outsourcing used strategically, your company will have several benefits. Here are some ways to make the most of this type of service:

Demand flexibility

Hiring via outsourcing makes it possible to hire professionals to perform specific tasks or work on specific days.

The workforce becomes flexible and this makes the company reduce expenses, while not having idle professionals.

Carrying out very technical or specific tasks

Suppose, for example, you have only one IT professional in your company, who is more of a generalist and does not have as much in-depth knowledge of SAP.

In this case, should a very specific task arise, such as making some configuration in the ERP, a specialist can be requested via outsourcing.

This way, this person can go over to your company or even conduct the activity remotely.

Reduction of labor obligations

When hiring workers with a formal contract, companies assume a series of labor obligations, such as payment of the 13th salary, paid vacations, contributions to the government severity fund, among many others.

Outsourcing significantly reduces these obligations. This is because you will be hiring the specialists in an outsourced manner.

Labor obligations are the responsibility of the company you are a partner of and not yours.

Guarantee of quality work

In order to use outsourcing strategically, it is important that you look for a company that guarantees quality assurance (QA).

With the approval of the tasks already performed, it is guaranteed that the services provided have quality.

Therefore, your company can benefit much more from outsourced services when it hires a partner with a QA seal of approval, ensuring that it is good at what it does.

Maintenance of teams with few people

Working with a lean team is something many companies seek, given that functions can be optimized. This is achieved when working strategically with outsourcing in SAP projects.

As we explained, there is no need to hire many employees, as they are hired on demand.

With a leaner team, in addition to spending less, the company is also able to have better defined processes and avoid serious problems in execution.

4 trends in outsourcing services for companies:

Demand growth

There is a trend in the market for companies to contract more projects via outsourcing than in a closed way.

This can be justified because clients share risks in this type of project. Therefore, the amount charged is often lower.

Professional versatility

When contracting via outsourcing to companies, the hired professionals do not have a defined role in the company where they are allocated.

They will be able to work assisting in various demands within their area of knowledge. This versatility brings gains to the company.

Organization of squads with agile methodologies

Squads is the name given to a form of business organization that separates employees into small groups that work towards specific goals. In this work model, agile methodologies can be further explored.

Hiring services via outsourcing for companies is perfect for this, considering that the professionals allocated can organize teams and propose work with agile methods.

Remote hiring

Remote hiring is interesting because it breaks down geographic barriers.

As the work is not face-to-face, you can count on the best experts in a given subject, regardless of the city or state they are in, without the cost and time of commuting.

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