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SAP Infrastructure

Your workplace in our hands.

Escotta is prepared to help customers in the full functioning of their SAP operations.

SAP Technical Updates

SAP frequently makes available updates to its solutions with the intention of correcting bugs, preventing incidents, adding new functionalities, meeting legal obligations, among other needs.

Escotta is prepared to apply these updates and help customers get their SAP operations up and running.

Be 100% prepared and guaranteed that your SAP services and processes will never go down, supported by Escotta infrastructure.

  • Kernel
  • Database
  • Support Packages
  • Enhancement Packages Upgrades
  • Migrations to S/4HANA
  • Technical notes

Migrations and Copies

Due to the wide range of options and the fast development of new technologies and platforms, and especially the needs surrounding SAP solutions and technologies, many customers are looking to adopt or experiment with these new features.

For this, complete infrastructure operations are required:

  • Homogeneous Migration (Homogeneous System Copy);
  • Heterogeneous Migration (OS/DB Migration);
  • Homogeneous Copy (Creation of new environments via copy and refreshes);
  • Client Copy.

Solution Manager

The Escotta Solution Manager platform helps companies manage their SAP applications and projects. Count on our infrastructure team to work in the most diverse activities:

  • Installation and setup of features;
  • Connection with managed systems (Managed Systems Configuration);
  • Early Watch Alert – Standard reports of recommendations, improvements and attention points in the landscape;
  • Technical Monitoring – Configuration of monitoring metrics and monitoring alerts;
  • Data Volume Management – Data volume management, database growth and identification of points for cleaning and archiving;
  • Landscape Management – Centralization of information from all environments, enabling better support and starting point for updates;
  • Root Cause Analysis – Collection of data and historical performance, errors and configurations, in order to identify the root cause of problems.

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